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I-80 Metals Recycling|27 Furnace Lane, STE 5, Girard, OH 44420|(234) 230-3198
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4.0 stars | 4 reviews
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I-80 Metals Recycling|27 Furnace Lane, STE 5, Girard, OH 44420|(234) 230-3198

Our Recycling Process

Get Cash for Old Auto Parts & Scrap Metal!

Step One

Upon entering our scrap yard, the receiving inspector will examine all incoming vehicles/customers. The inspector will perform a quick once-over of the vehicle/load and direct it to the proper location. Our staff will direct non-commercial customers to the right to enter I-80 Metals Recycling. Commercial customers will be directed to the left to wait for further instructions. Proceed along the two brick buildings and join the queue for the truck scale.

Step Two

The scale attendant will use the intercom to inform you when it is ok to enter and exit the scale to the receiving area, along with where to drop the materials. The scale attendant will start your ticket as you pull off the scale and record your vehicle type and license plate number. Once all material is offloaded, you will proceed to G's scale house in order to complete the scrap transaction.

Step Three

The attendant will run your driver's license through the Department of Homeland Security's website to check your information against their "Do Not Buy List." Then, our team will record your DL information, take a current photo, get a signature for the receipt of your materials ticket, and finally provide a barcode ticket so you can access our ATM and receive cash for your transaction.

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4.0 stars | 4 reviews
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